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Four councils in the Anglian Region are working together to operate a Highways Permit Scheme on all roads under their control.

Permit Schemes in the Anglian region

As a Highways Authority, all Councils have a duty to manage and control the increasing demand on their road network from the travelling public and businesses.
As a way of managing this demand, a number of authorities are operating a Permit Scheme within their area to improve the coordination of works across their road network.

What is a Permit Scheme?

Part 3 of the Traffic Management Act provides the opportunity for a Council, as a Highways Authority, to make an application to the Secretary of State for Transport to introduce a Permit Scheme.
Under a Permit Scheme, anyone intending to carry out works on the road has to make an application to the relevant Authority for a permit. In addition, the Authority's power to grant or refuse a permit, as well as applying conditions to the timings and/or work activity, is significantly increased. Through such capabilities, any Authority operating a permit scheme will be able to coordinate and control works on the road, with the aim to improve both the planning and preparation of works.

What will the Permit Scheme give to the Road User?

The main purpose for the introduction of a scheme is to minimise disruption from unnecessary or badly controlled road works. There are many additional expected benefits to be achieved through more effective control of road works, which include
• improving journey times and reliability for all our road users.
• reducing the congestion caused by road works
• improving the information available on works, including advanced warning and duration
• increasing the planning and control of works to improve safety and reduce damage to the road.

Who is operating Permit Schemes?

Hertfordshire County Council, Luton Borough Council, Bedford Borough Council, and Southend-on-Sea Borough Council have developed a Common Permit Scheme that is applied on all the roads within their control, and is called the East of England Permit Scheme. The East of England Permit Scheme commenced operating on 5th November 2012.
For further information, please go to the web site

Buckinghamshire County Council implemented their Permit Scheme on 4 November 2013. The scheme, that operates on TS and SSS streets only, has had positive feedback from the SUs during the first 6 months of operation for its simplicity, making it easy to understand and comply with. All non-TS and SSS streets remain on the noticing regime, ensuring the SUs and BCC are focussing their efforts on the most important roads on the network. The SUs are invited to regular Operational meetings to discuss any issues that are being experienced and assess performance. The Scheme and Permit Fees can be viewed at http://www.transportforbucks.net/Roadworks-Centre/Roadworks-Permit-Scheme.aspx and any queries regarding the scheme should be directed to the dedicated Permit Line on 01296 383848.

Norfolk County Council have also developed a scheme, and started operating their Permit Scheme on 6th May 2014

Essex County Council are also considering operating a Permit Scheme, with a possible start date in 2015.

Milton Keynes Council’s proposed Permit Scheme is now out for consultation with stakeholders until the 21st June 2014. The intended start date for the scheme is 1st April 2015.
All enquiries and comments should be addressed to

Some other Authorities are considering their options on Permit Schemes but have no firm dates at present.


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